March 26, 2010

Girl's Ribbon Holder

If you've ever bought little kids' shoes at Old Navy you may have received one of these, which were holding the shoes on a hook at the store. The little hooks caught my eye, and I thought to myself 'How can I recycle this into something useful?'

Then it hit me! Ribbons! At first I thought about using it in my craft room, but with as many ponytails as I put into my 2 1/2 year old daughter's hair, I thought why don't I have ribbons? I have plenty in my craft room to use on her hair. So then I designed it with her in mind.

At the local craft store I had picked up these puffy 3-D stickers. They were on sale, and if you know me, you know I pretty much only buy things on sale hehe.

In a nutshell, I placed the princess crown and the word "princess" onto a light pink matching cardstock and cut them out. Then I took my white opaque gel pen and just dotted the outline for added decoration. Thinking that I would hang this onto the wall, and that the width of the hanger itself wasn't enough room for a nail, I adhered the princess crown and word with thick foam tape.

Lastly, I used these little felt flowers I got on sale at the local craft store's Easter aisle with an adhesive dot on the back of them already.

This was the end result! Quick, cute, easy and practical!


angelina la dawn said...

how cute! and what a wonderful idea!

Jessica Shaw said...

Thanks Angelina!!! checked out your blog and I'm totally loving all the photos!