April 21, 2010

Vibrant, Floral Mother's Day Bouquets

I apologize, first and foremost, for not posting anything lately. I'm sure it's happened to all of you, my creative friends, where you are just stuck in a lull. I haven't been feeling very creative lately. But, do not worry, as I'm starting to find inspiration again!

This has really inspired me to want to buy some flowers, plant a garden, and just embrace bright, happy beautiful colors!!!

This photo can be found on Hostess {With the Mostess} Blog. I LOVE that site. So much inspiration to be found there.

Aside from being a beautiful gift for your mom, what a wonderful gesture these could be for someone who's been dealing with the blues. Perhaps you can gift these to someone as a small thank you for always being there for you.

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Alana Gwinner said...

I love the flowers in the glasses. :)