March 25, 2010

Simple 5 Minute Sweet Treat Gift

I'm sure at some point in your life you may have stuck a sticker onto a glass surface and tried to remove it. It's just stuck! You can rip or tear it off for sure, but it doesn't easily come off. While walking through our local Hobby Lobby, I saw that stickers were 50% off. While walking through their glass crafts aisle, I saw these cute little milk glass jars with a flip lid. (I also bought an apothecary jar which I'll post later.)

Then the light bulb went off, how about dressing up a glass container with a sticker! I mean seriously, how much easier could that get! Not to mention that the longest part of the process was deciding on what stickers to buy!

This was what I ended up buying:

Here are links for these photos going clockwise.
Making Memories Puffy Alpha Stickers in Pink
American Crafts Remarks Journaling Stickers - Veggies
Mini Milk Glass Jar with Flip Lid, which by the way was only $1.49

I also bought some teal sheer ribbon and some Chocolate Hershey's Eggs at the supermarket.

This was the end result, and it truly took 5 minutes!!! Plus the journaling tags were so freakin' adorable and that took time to pick one that I wanted to put on my milk jar.

Here is a close up with the puffy stickers. They are pretty with their mini polka dots and their high sheen :)

Lastly, I just want to add that not only was this a really quick gift idea, it was also affordable. You can easily find stickers on sale at your hobby store, or even the dollar store. Use some ribbon or twine you have on hand even. Try and buy candies that are on sale due to the season, example: Easter Candy, Halloween Candy, Christmas Candy etc. This is perfect as an add on to a gift. A little handmade gift always makes anything a little more special, because it's from the heart ;)

6 comments: said...

That is so pretty Jessica! Thanks so much for letting me know about your projects. I'll be linking to this in this afternoon's Weekend Roundup. I love it!

Jessica Shaw said...

Thanks Rachel! You are too sweet!

Tara said...

Such a cute gift. I love making cute crafty gifts. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Sumi said...

This is very pretty.Now if only I could get those milk bottles in my neck of the woods.Thanks for the idea.Following you..and please keep posting more cute projects.:-)

itmom said...

This is SO SWEET. I am def making up a batch of these for Easter weekend. Thanks so much for the GREAT idea. :)

Jessica Shaw said...

I'm so happy to inspire you ladies for sure! It can be done so cheaply too! Oh and Sumi, I am sure you could recreate this with even some mason jars! If the stickers don't stick, perhaps you can use some pretty ribbon and shipping tags?