January 25, 2009

Things I Want and Love!

I don't know about you, but it seems that there usually isn't enough money at the end of paying all my bills to buy the things I want immediately. I am constantly making up wish lists and the chances that I ever get these things is slim. It doesn't help that I'm totally a bargain shopper and I have a hard time shelling out loads of cash for some things. Yet, it doesn't stop me from window or cyber shopping :) So, I'd like to share with you a few things that I absolutely love, and perhaps some that you may love too!

1. This sweetheart apron is soooo cute. I am such a home-body and I love to bake and cook. Being old-fashioned at heart this apron just calls out my name. It's retro yet sassy and sweet! Plus, if anyone knows me well, you know I LOVE hearts. For aprons like this one, just go to www.girlyaprons.com.

2. When I found these sarcastic, funny and witty notepads, I just broke out in a giggle. These a few I like, but there are others like "Reasons why I want to have sex with you" and "sh*t list" and "things to pack". So, yeah, some are just for fun, but there are practical ones too. There aren't just notepads though, there are paper clips, folders, sticky notes, books and flashcards.

3. Vanilla cake batter Perfume..yum! I love smells that resemble baked goods. Those are the candle smells I gravitate towards, and if there is a lotion that smells like it, chances are I'll buy it (if it's on sale :) This little fun perfume would be fun to have and wear! By the way they have other odd smells like marshmallow, dirt, sushi, and junior mints just to name a few!

4. Okay so I've spotted soaps like these before on Etsy and I was sooo close to buying some for a friend once. I am going to buy these Popsicle Soaps someday! I LOVE them. They are just too darn cute and come in sweet smells like Candy Carousel, Nilla Sammie, and Orange You Cute. Plus they're only $8 each! Perfect for gift giving.

5. This would be such a romantic gift. I don't think my husband would ever get something like this for me unless I hinted really hard about it. So, again, perhaps one day I'll buy it for myself and engrave our names or our wedding anniversary on it. This heart and lock bracelet is so sweet...and on sale!

6. Lastly... I've been anticipating spring and summer like no other. I daydream about the warm weather and planting some flowers in my front yard, and buying some plants for inside, taking long walks with my family in the park...sigh...I wish it was spring. I plan on buying some pretty sweet dresses this season, and these were just a couple I spotted that I LOVE. I'm so girly and frilly and I love wearing my high heels and dresses. These springy dresses are from Delia*s. I don't usually buy from places like this as they show more junior than misses type dresses, and I am a woman not a kid. But these I can definitely see myself in.

So, those are some of my faves. I hope you enjoyed them.

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