January 24, 2009

Late Night Crafts

Last night I had so much fun just sitting on the carpet of our spare bedroom/craftroom and creating these cards. Luckily, the princess had gone off to bed at about 6:45 pm. That was a first! I actually didn't start on these until about 10 pm though. There was eating, and chatting with the hubby between that time period.

So there I was sprawled on the floor with paper, embellishments, color pencils, scissors, trimmer just everywhere. I swear I lost what I was working on about 5 times! I'd panic and start to sift through everything, turn over every paper and finally when I'd get up and walk out of the room and walk back in, my eyes would spot it instantly. It was behind me or under my leg the whole time! LOL.

These were made with Lilly Anna, yet another WONDERFUL, fresh, fun and springtime color palette from The Angel Company. I listened to 977 The Hitz channel on my husband's psp and had it playing through my boombox. It was so nice! Talk about a mini little vacation for my mind.

Sorry if the colors are too bright, or off slightly. My camera is dying and I took this shot with whatever options were up so that I could take it quickly. I tried to fix it up a bit, but I'm trying to hurry so I can go and spend some quiet time alone while the little one is still napping :)

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Alana Gwinner said...

I was trying to comment this post over the weekend, but my phone was acting crazy! But I LOVE your new pieces! I love the colors and layout! It makes me urn for spring and summer so bad! Good job!!